Offerings for you!

As the flurries swirl around us in mid February, we dream of all our wonderful produce of summer. But, we still have a few things available currently that might tickle your spring fancies:

* mini (3″x4″) nature photo notecards, hand-made paper, packet of 6, wrapped with raffia ribbon – $4
* 4″x5″ dried flowers notecard, varies with season – $2; discount for more than 1
* dried tomatoes – $2 for 2oz.
* dried bell peppers – $2 for 3oz.
* hot sauce – $3 for 2 oz.
* eggs – $3 per dozen

For the notecards, you can see sample photos at Teresa’s website.


2 Responses to Offerings for you!

  1. Monica says:

    I think you should post signs up in your SUB (or whatever you guys call it) and just tell people to email you with their orders and they can pick up their stuff from you at IU when you go in. $2/dozen eggs is soooo cheap for organic egss. actually everything you’re selling is so cheap.

  2. snuffle says:

    snuffle says : I absolutely agree with this !

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