Yes, we make pottery!

November 12, 2008

"Quilted" plate by Tadpole #2

Come take a peek at Demeter’s Dance!


Kids at work

November 10, 2008

I thought I’d show a photo of Tadpole #1 working on soap making. 

Cutting up soap base

Cutting up soap base

And lest you think the other Tadpole wasn’t helping, he was…just not with soap.  He was “shelling” our homegrown popcorn:

"Shelling" popcorn

"Shelling" popcorn

 To show the size of one of the little LEGO soaps (there are 3 of them in each package), here’s a photo of the “real thing” and the soap together.  The one on the left is, obviously, the real brick, and the one on the right is the soap. 

LEGO soap compared with LEGO brick

LEGO soap compared with LEGO brick

Christmas soaps

November 3, 2008

Here are some of the soaps that Tadpole #1 and Momma Frog made for the holidays:

A symbol of the peace for the season

Dove Soap - Hollyberry scent

Puzzle soaps - 3 in bag

Puzzle soaps - Litsea Cubeba scent

Another view of puzzle pieces soaps

Another view of puzzle pieces soaps


“]large LEGO brick, approx 5.5oz, for $5.50]

3-pc LEGO soaps - Litsea Cubeba scent

ABCD alphabet soaps

ABCD alphabet soaps - Hollyberry scent

Cat soap

Cat soap - Hollyberry scent

Monkey Soap - $3.00 (approx 2.15oz), Hollyberry scent

Monkey Soap - Hollyberry scent

“]A Patriotic Christmas Red-White-Blue Stars set - $2.50 (approx 1.15oz) - Litsea Cubeba scent [Also available in 2 stars red-green sets for $1.25]

A Patriotic Christmas Red-White-Blue Stars set - Litsea Cubeba scent

“]Frog soap (with LEGO soaps, not included, in background) - $3.00 (approx 2.5 oz) - Litsea Cubeba scent [a 2 small-frogs set is also available for $2.00]

Frog soap (with LEGO soaps in background) - Litsea Cubeba scent

Litsea Cubeba is a related to the laurel, rosewood and cinnamon trees.  This essential oil has a pleasing citrus scent and is said to be great for skin care, particularly oily skin.  There is currently research being done on its calming effects.