The story of Two Tadpoles

multicolored eggs

We are a family that offers products from our garden or inspired by nature. We live on 27 acres in southern Indiana, just outside of Bloomington. Our boys (the two tadpoles!) help with gardening and various production efforts as part of our homeschooling adventure.

Dear Husband is the avid organic farmer.  We grow much of our own food and dream of complete self-sufficiency.  We create products made with the things we grow, or things that grow wild on our property. 

Our gardening methods are organic, although we are not certified as such. We wouldn’t put into the soil/environment what we wouldn’t put into our bodies.  While we’re not specifically selling anything at this point, we would be happy to sell (or barter) anything we make or grow if you tell us what you’d like.  We’re also delighted to make custom orders.

Thanks for visiting!


2 Responses to The story of Two Tadpoles

  1. carrie says:

    OMGoodness……..Your story is so very cool~ 27 acres in Indiana- I would be loving that. I have actually been to Indiana one time!

    I love visiting your blog because your family is so hands on to nature, life and everything. Such fun and certainly traits the boys will take with them forever in their lifes.

    BIG HUG to you all!

  2. Brittani says:

    Hi, I saw your monkey soaps, and thought they were too cute…I am hosting a baby shower and I am doing a monkey themed party…I was wondering how much you would charge for 40 of those monkey soaps? also the shower is May 15th would you have enough time to get them done?


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