Soaps are gone

August 5, 2008

It’s been crazy-busy for us in the summer. Life just never slows down.

The Patriotic Soaps are all gone – well, except for one, but we’re keeping it. 🙂

We’ve been busy harvesting and weeding. The wild blackberries are wonderful this year. We’ve frozen a whole bunch already.

ready to be frozen

blackberries and a few blueberries ready to be frozen

The peach tree is loaded, and the fruits are ripening…

peaches rosy on the tree

peaches rosy on the tree


New Year, New Blog Site

February 14, 2008

Rather than being constrained by the single-page, but simple editing, site that Yahoo Small Business provides with the purchase of a domain name, or having to write html coding to make a more complex site, we’ve decided to keep everyone updated on the availability of The Two Tadpole’s offerings via a pretty blog at WordPress. 

This way, we hope to make it easier for you to see updates quickly and find things that you will enjoy.

We hope you’ll be back often to see our latest produce and products.  Thanks for visiting!