October 3, 2009

The idea seemed good, but in practice, it wasn’t as much so.  So, we won’t be on Artfire or Etsy afterall.  I’ll continue to post our creations here.  It’s good for our homeschool records, if nothing else. 🙂


Kids at work

November 10, 2008

I thought I’d show a photo of Tadpole #1 working on soap making. 

Cutting up soap base

Cutting up soap base

And lest you think the other Tadpole wasn’t helping, he was…just not with soap.  He was “shelling” our homegrown popcorn:

"Shelling" popcorn

"Shelling" popcorn

 To show the size of one of the little LEGO soaps (there are 3 of them in each package), here’s a photo of the “real thing” and the soap together.  The one on the left is, obviously, the real brick, and the one on the right is the soap. 

LEGO soap compared with LEGO brick

LEGO soap compared with LEGO brick

Christmas soaps

November 3, 2008

Here are some of the soaps that Tadpole #1 and Momma Frog made for the holidays:

A symbol of the peace for the season

Dove Soap - Hollyberry scent

Puzzle soaps - 3 in bag

Puzzle soaps - Litsea Cubeba scent

Another view of puzzle pieces soaps

Another view of puzzle pieces soaps


“]large LEGO brick, approx 5.5oz, for $5.50]

3-pc LEGO soaps - Litsea Cubeba scent

ABCD alphabet soaps

ABCD alphabet soaps - Hollyberry scent

Cat soap

Cat soap - Hollyberry scent

Monkey Soap - $3.00 (approx 2.15oz), Hollyberry scent

Monkey Soap - Hollyberry scent

“]A Patriotic Christmas Red-White-Blue Stars set - $2.50 (approx 1.15oz) - Litsea Cubeba scent [Also available in 2 stars red-green sets for $1.25]

A Patriotic Christmas Red-White-Blue Stars set - Litsea Cubeba scent

“]Frog soap (with LEGO soaps, not included, in background) - $3.00 (approx 2.5 oz) - Litsea Cubeba scent [a 2 small-frogs set is also available for $2.00]

Frog soap (with LEGO soaps in background) - Litsea Cubeba scent

Litsea Cubeba is a related to the laurel, rosewood and cinnamon trees.  This essential oil has a pleasing citrus scent and is said to be great for skin care, particularly oily skin.  There is currently research being done on its calming effects. 

Halloween Soaps…get yours now

September 18, 2008

Instead of handing candy, why not give kids something that not only won’t rot their teeth, but will help them want to wash up after touching sticky candy?

Tadpole #1 made these yummy smelling skull and crossbones soaps.

Halloween Skull Soaps

Halloween Skull Soaps

Each set comes with one skull and one crossbones (weighing a bit over 1oz), and costs $1.50 in a clear plastic baggie or $3.00 if you want them in a cute, handmade Halloween fabric bag.

These are the bag choices:

Halloween Soap Bags

Halloween Soap Bags

They make adorable party favors!

Sushi Soaps

September 15, 2008
Sushi Soaps

Sushi Soaps

They’re finally done!  Since I made these without the boys’ help, I posted the whole story, along with more photos, at my site:

Soaps are gone

August 5, 2008

It’s been crazy-busy for us in the summer. Life just never slows down.

The Patriotic Soaps are all gone – well, except for one, but we’re keeping it. 🙂

We’ve been busy harvesting and weeding. The wild blackberries are wonderful this year. We’ve frozen a whole bunch already.

ready to be frozen

blackberries and a few blueberries ready to be frozen

The peach tree is loaded, and the fruits are ripening…

peaches rosy on the tree

peaches rosy on the tree

Patriotic Soaps

June 9, 2008

Just in time for Flag Day and the Fourth of July – our Patriotic Soaps are perfect for your Star-Spangled needs!

Handmade from the finest ingredients, these luscious soaps with a pleasing scent of Green Garden feature a red star and a blue star embedded in a white base. The tiny dash of glitter in the soap is reminiscent of holiday fireworks.

Complete your patriotic decor with these fun and festive soaps!

A rectangular bar (4 oz) is $3; an oval bar (3 oz) is $2.50

Patriotic Soapsclose up of soap, showing glitter \